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Business Phone, IVR, CRM and Text Marketing

Intuitive, Intelligent, and Targeted Marketing.

Text "KINGDOM" to 941-444-5880 to see how it works.

Branded Text Messaging

Full Featured Web Based Phone

Make calls and send texts from your new KingdomText phone number. No app necessary. KingdomText works from every and any device using only your web browser.

Are you carrying two phones around? Get a new business number from KingdomText and make calls from two numbers on one phone. When a business client calls, you'll get a text letting you know the call is for your business number.

And Text Marketing. That's AWESOME! Try it for FREE today...

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Route all of your calls to the right place with KingdomText's IVR. Create your own menu with unlimited options using Voice Recognition.

Set up your keywords and point each to the phone you want to get the call. Keywords like 'Support', 'Sales', 'Billing'... You get it.

It's easy and fun! Try it for FREE today...

Personalized Text Marketing

KingdomText is a CRM with Text Marketing built in. Personalized Text Marketing.

All your business contacts in one place. Text 1 client or 100. They can text back or call you because it's your phone number pointed right to your phone.

Market your clients by interests or groups. Market your whole list. Either way, each client gets a personal text from you.

The Starter Plan

Whether you're just starting to build your list or have up to 200 existing contacts, this is the plan for you!

Communicate with your entire list up to 5 times a month. This plan has all the features of our standard plan at a great price.

Try it FREE for a month. No restrictions. We'll upload your contacts for you. You'll work one on one with our team to set up groups and get you started with keywords and timed campaigns. It's all included!

We only succeed when you do!

Branded Texts!

Your number, Your Brand!

When you communicate with your clients, they know it's you. It works the same way as texting from your phone becauses it's YOUR number.

Send your Digital Business Card to every contact on your list and promote your Brand!

Text CARD to 941-444-5880 to see how it works.

Have a Salon or a Service Business?

Use Appointment notifications!

Let your clients know you’re on your way or their appointment is today. Set up automated text notifications reminding your clients of their upcoming appointments.

Keep track of all your appointments with KingdomText’s built in scheduler.

Manage your days, weeks and months with our calendar feature where you can set up appointments and schedule text notifications all in one step.

Send out Special Offers or schedule invoice notifications.

Create a whole month of marketing in just a few minutes with scheduled notifications.

Digital Business Cards

Go GREEN in more ways than one with a Digital Business Card!

Your business card gives you ONE chance to connect.

Your Digital Business Card from KingdomText gives you UNLIMITED opportunities to connect.

It's Easy!

  • Have them text CARD to your number.
  • They get your contact information.
  • They're added to your contact list.
  • Ask them to add you to their contact list.
  • Include them in your Text Marketing Campaign!