Hosting Desk's Easy to Use Interface!

Add a Guest to the Wait List with Ease.

Add Guest Information

  • Add the Name.
  • Add the Mobile Phone. (Click the "X" if they don't have one).
  • Add a Note if needed.
  • Update Party Size.
  • Update Wait Time.
  • Click Call if they would rather receive a voice call. (Flip Phones).

If Reservation

  • Click Reservation (They'll get a text an hour before).
  • Set the Time In for a Reservation. No need to set for in house guest.


  • Click Update.
  • That's it!

Color Coded Queue

  • White = Guest is waiting in queue.
  • Green = Reservation
  • Yellow = Notification sent. Table ready.
  • Red = Wait Time has been reached or passed.
  • Purple = Notification sent AND Wait Time has been reached or passed.

Weekly View

Scroll through the Weekly View Report to see Guest counts and average wait times.