What is a Keyword?

You have probably done this many times. You text a number or word to a phone number or Short Code and you get an instant reply with some message. Now you can do the same thing. You can select any Keyword you like, create your custom reply, add an image, add a trackable link and you’re on your way.

What is the Advantage of using KingdomText?

Every person that texts your Keyword to your number automatically gets added to your contacts list. We will even capture the name if available. As you build your list of customer contacts, you can easily send out promotions, special events or just Hello to keep it personal!

What is a Group?

When you create a Keyword, you also create a Group. Everyone that texts that Keyword to your number goes into that Group. This makes it easy to text a custom targeted message to Groups that are interested in a particular aspect of your business.

Just for giggles. Let’s say we have four Keywords, Oranges, Apples, Bananas and Fruit.

Now we have a Group that likes Oranges, a Group that likes Apples, a Group that likes Bananas and a Group that likes Fruit.

Today we have a special on oranges. We will definitely text the Oranges Group and we can also text the Fruit Group. Probably wouldn’t text the Apples and Bananas group. That’s how we can target select Groups that will probably be interested in our promotion, excluding Groups that probably will not.

That’s our concept of targeted marketing. It can be applied to almost any business you can think of.

Could we text everyone in our Contact List? Sure. But targeted texts will get the best results.

Every contact gets a personalized text. KingdomText adds “Hi First Name, “ to every text. If we didn’t grab the name they get “Hi, “.

Because business is personal. We must take advantage of any time we can make a personal connection with our customers.