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Digital Business Cards

Go GREEN in more ways than one with a Digital Business Card!

Your business card gives you ONE chance to connect.

Your Digital Business Card from KingdomText gives you UNLIMITED opportunities to connect.

It's Easy!

  • Have them text CARD to your number.
  • They get your contact information.
  • They're added to your contact list.
  • Ask them to add you to their contact list.
  • Include them in your Text Marketing Campaign!

The Easy Choice

Why KingdomText?

  • Market Your Brand
  • Engage Your Clients
  • Manage Your Business
  • Stay 'Top of Mind'

How do I use it?

  • On Your For Sale Sign
  • On Every Print Ad You Send Out
  • On Social Media Posts and Emails
  • People That Would Never Call WILL Text!
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Powerful Marketing

Text NEW to 941-444-5880 to See How it Works!

Try texting these keywords also to see what Kingdomtext can do for you and your business!

  • Text NEW1 to get a listing with an image.
  • Text CARD to get my Digital Business Card.
  • Text SOCIAL to get my Social Media Links.

These are just a few of the unlimited keywords you can use for your auto replies. Your clients will be impressed...

Have a New Listing?

Text NEW to 941-444-5880 to See How it Works!

Set up a keyword and let your audience text for details! A quick link to a virtual tour?

No website to type in or searching for that property. Instant details with a single text...


Let your target audience text you for information.
Text VALUE to 941-444-5880 to See How it Works!

It's much easier than typing in some long url to get to the information they want.

When they text your keyword to your number, you get a text and they are added to your contact list.