What is KingomText?

The average person reads a text message in 90 seconds or less!

Compare that to email which averages 45 minutes to 4 hours, if it ever gets read at all.

Imagine if your cell phone could do it’s own auto responses. Now it can!

Text Marketing is a powerful, personal way to communicate with your base.

KingomText is about so much more than just text marketing! It's about building relationships with your customers. It's great to send a message to a group, but when customers are texting you to see your latest promotions, they're extending an invitation to connect!

KingdomText is your Business Communication Platform as well as a lead generating platform. When you get a text to one of your keywords, you have a new lead. A lead already interested in your product or service. Not just a lead, but a potential customer!

How Does It Work?

  • Customer texts your keyword to your number.
  • Customer gets your promotional response.
  • Customer is added to your contact list.
  • Customer name is updated.*
  • You receive a text with the customer's number, keyword texted, and name.*
  • Make that connection!

How Do I Start?

  • Register.
  • Verify your mobile number.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Pick your plan and subcribe.
  • Pick your new phone number.
  • Start building your Kingdom!

Why is It Different?

KingdomText is a web based mobile phone as well as a text marketing tool. You get it all! Group texts, single texts, and picture messaging. Your number can not only be texted but can also be called. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone, office phone or even an associate's phone. The same goes for text messages, as long as you forward to a mobile phone of course. You can update these numbers on the fly anytime in your profile. Send all calls to to your customized voicemail and get texted when you receive a message. Log in to the dashboard and listen to them also.

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Wait List Management
  • Scheduled Drip Campaigns.
  • Automated Birthday, Anniversary and Home Anniverasry texts.
  • Custom keywords.
  • There's never a keyword you can't use!
  • Your own phone number.
  • Forward calls to your number anywhere.
  • Make calls from your Kingdom Text phone number.
  • Voicemails are texted to you.

Who Needs This?

*Names are not always available.